Resting Places


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Jack is the solo project of Brittany Costa.


released August 16, 2016

all songs written by Brittany Costa
guitar, bass, vocals by Brittany Costa
bass and harmony on Sister System by Becca Ryskalczyk
violin on Harbor by Becca Ryskalczyk
drums by Nick Dooley
recorded, mixed, & mastered by Nick Dooley in Vergennes, VT

Thank you to Steakhouse Records, Adam Kolodny my doggo savior, Greg Rutkin, DBTS, Becca, & Dooley.



all rights reserved


JACK Brooklyn, New York

Brittany Costa (booking):

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Track Name: Rightful Rage
what the fuck did i do to make you turn away
was i your best friend for only three whole days
the rest of it was a slow pull with no words
just the silence growing with no words

i thought i had you and you, me
with your hands full you can't hold a thing
and the deeper strings will keep dropping
until your left with all but nothing

i've got shit to do and you're wasting my time
i've got shit to make and i'm tired of holding my breath
you say we're one, but we're two
you die at one and demand two
separation separation i have done it too
karma karma, i bid adieu

don't you feel bad with blood on your
i can't stand the mess with blood on my hands

the silence is deafening
i stand tall like a thin tree
my leaves are leaving
i pull up the roots around me

i have fucking value.
Track Name: Honest To Dog
i don’t like to be judged
when i’m being myself
i don’t like to be told
that i’m being someone else

i can’t breathe when nervous hands drop their fear on me
i can’t be with nervous hands
i can’t be when nervous hands drop their fear on me
i can’t breathe with nervous hands

and i can feel the remorse in your tone
the way your shoulders rise on the phone
the way you plead you need to be alone
and all the hurtful words off your tongue roll

it ain’t right
you’re not right

and i’m deeply sorry if you’re hurting now
you see i left the church hobbling on my knees
and they’re raw now and in need of relief
the only forgiveness i see is the one from me

the only forgiveness i need is the one from me
Track Name: Harbor
i don’t know what i’ve been told
by my mother who wasn’t always on time
i was not shown how to let it go
so i made my fists and held on tight

we fed ourselves
on cheap wine and frozen food
my birthday wish came true
if i could take it back, you know i would

but i wouldn’t want to make you suffer
no, i wouldn’t want to make you suffer

and what if you were alive
would it be the same as it was before
would i hate to call you back
would you come knocking on my door

well i wouldn’t want to suffer
no, i wouldn’t want to suffer

i don’t know
forgive my soul
if you were here would it be all right
if you were here would i be all right
if you were would you be all right

i don’t know
Track Name: Sister System
when you do not love yourself
you cannot love the moon
you can only hope for its affection
howling from your room

when you hurt your body
with punches and low words
the love keeps on dying
inside of you and inside of the world

and they tell you to relax
with your skin stretched by chains
thumbs pressed against the bruises
feeling out the pain

well i’m not a sheet of paper
on which you can release
my body is a temple
of which you cannot reach

pick up that dignity you threw across the floor
hold your teeth in your lap and the gums from which you tore
hate never makes it better, but we feel it in our bones
i’m a sister in the system from which my blood pours
i’m a sister in the system and my blood pours

we’re sisters in the system and our blood is pouring down
i'm a sister in the system and my blood pours
pick up that dignity your threw across the floor
Track Name: The Look
i held your mouth inside my palms
i caught the upchuck of your lunch
i laid a towel across your head
the matrimony of our daughtered bed

so i spent some time trying to be better
i talked to someone i daydreamed was you
now i’m reaching for the settlement
for all the pain it put me through

i walk alone at night
i am not afraid to fight
i’d be fucked if i didn’t try
i am not afraid to die

i tried to choke myself to stop the hurried breathing
when i’m stressed out (fucked up) and i can’t feel my legs
what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done or felt
this is not a competition for who hurts the best

what did you take from me darling
what else did you hide ‘neath the kitchen floor
was it the smell? was it the look?
my senses could always tell